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 Meet The Instructors

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Meet The Instructors



Brice Nathan-Welch 3rd Dan Blackbelt

I have always had a passion for martial arts since I was a young boy growing up watching Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris movies. I never had the courage to join back then but as an adult and having children of my own I wanted them to do a martial art. We had friends who had just joined Auckland Taekwondo and suggest we come down and have a look. It only took the first class watching my kids up there throwing kicks and I thought to myself I could do that, so I asked the instructor if I could join in and haven’t looked back since.

I love the power and physical nature of Taekwondo. It keeps you lean, mean, fit, and always on your toes. The discipline and etiquette helps you keep a healthy mind and gives you a greater respect for those who have gone before you. I have made a lot of lifelong friends since joining Auckland Taekwondo due to the close knit family environment we have. My one and only regret is I wish I had started earlier.

2014 Cadet team trainer for Oceania TNZ team

2015 OTU Kyorugi coaching certificate

2016 OTU Kyorugi Level 1 coaching certificate

2016 TNZ Coach Junior World Team 

2016 TNZ Coach Oceania Team

Steven Glover 2nd Dan Blackbelt

I have my youngest son Marty to thank for getting our family into Taekwondo.

My two boys and I started Taekwondo together as white belts, and it’s now a huge part of our lives.

One of the things I love most about Taekwondo are the tournaments and the intense training sessions.

As well as the skills and techniques you learn, Taekwondo has given me a huge confidence boost which helps you deal with everyday situations.

By far the best part about Taekwondo for me is that I have learnt and developed alongside my boys which is priceless.


2015 OTU Kyorugi Coaching certificate

2016 OTU Kyorugi Level 1 Coaching certificate

2016 TNZ Coach Oceania Team

Gary Te Young 1st Dan Blackbelt

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